Exhibition view, Elisabeth Weiss, 2008


13 September - 31 October 2008

Martina Drechsel, Werner Gasser, Sissa Micheli, Christian Niccoli, Elisabeth Weiss, Letizia Werth
Curated by Sabine Gamper

Following the main principle of Manifesta 7, and positioning the specific and organic situation of each exhibition space at the centre of attention, the Gallery Museum will display the works of some of the most exciting current artistic positions of regional artists through two exhibitions held during the period of the Manifesta. By means of the works presented, the focus will be on our exterior living space (environmental, cultural, architectural etc.) as well as on our interior living space (psychic, interpersonal and daily issues etc.). These will in turn be analyzed, reflected, questioned and reconceived, with the aim of looking behind the facades. The concept is to create visible transformations, intersections, conjunctions and form processes. Disjunctions, horizons and distances are positive, as they are effective as nuances. Interstices are constitutive. Approximations and distances are more important than rigidly held positions and definitions.