Exhibition view, Schock-Sensor, 2001


17 March - 18 April 2001

Markus Draper, Eberhard Havekost, Sophia Schama
Curated by Sabine Gamper

Exhibition view, Schock-Sensor, 2001

Exhibition view, Schock-Sensor, 2001

This exhibition presents the works of three German artists for the first time in Italy. Havekost is a painter, but has found a conception of the picture that is in opposition to traditional painting. His favourite picture format is the size of a TV, and his pictures are very close to the digital picture elaboration that is the main characteristic of his painting. Sophia Schama also belongs to the inner circle of the new Dresden painting. Her pictures are influenced by the “High-speed Design” of the 90s: she creates tube labyrinths, cable pyramids, jungle biotopes of a polyurethane foam generation.
Markus Draper’s works of art deal with space room as a changeable element. With the help of installations he wants to represent horror situations using the symbol of fire. He works with a virtual space that – together with the paintings of his colleagues – poses the question of reality and unreality.
Introduction: Christoph Tannert, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin