Public Programme
Inland, Shepherd School, ( 2004 - ongoing)

Learning From The Landscape

09.05.2017, 7 pm

(La Mia Scuola di Scuola di Architettura*6)

In the framework of La Mia Scuola di Architettura*, a series of public presentations on the notions of landscape, community and formation at ar/ge kunst, the artistic initiative BAU is invited to introduce and discuss their take on these ideas and the specificity of their residency project in South Tyrol; a practice that implies forms of collaboration and temporary graft between guest artists and hosting communities.

In this occasion, they will talk with their current residents, the Spanish collective INLAND (represented in this occasion by Fernando Garcìa-Dory and Carlos Monleon Gendall), about the potential of contemporary artistic culture and the rural to meet and interlace and about their current project ALMA (working title). 
BAU is an initiative for artistic production located in South Tyrol, Italy, active since 2015. BAU initiates artistic residencies that establish forms of collaboration between local communities, the material culture of the territory, and its traditional activities.

INLAND is a Spanish arts collaboration platform, dedicated to agricultural, social and cultural production, and a collaborative agency. BAU has invited INLAND to develop a project in the territory of South Tyrol in 2017. Departing from the current project ALMA on a speculative future of the territory developed with local agents such as mountain farmers, academics, tourism experts and shepherds, the talk will expand on current cultural trends in European countryside.