Exhibition view, Heinz Mader, 2000


9 May - 24 June 2000

Curated by Marion Piffer Damiani

Exhibition view, Heinz Mader, 2000

Exhibition view, Heinz Mader, 2000

Heinz Mader’s exhibition and the accompanying catalogue effect a parallel and overlapping montage of an exultant installation of patchwork-style sheets of cloth and a narrative wall of images, in the form of felt-pen sketches. In this most recent exhibition, the artist’s development clearly sets its course towards a humorous game-often charged as well with parody-between daily life and the making of art.
With the help of: Christian Jung, Brigitte Niedermayr, Kathy Leonelli und Nelly Putzer, Marion Piffcer Damiani, Mr. Alex und DJ Hubert, Ruth Bernardi.