Exhibition view, Another Swiss version, 2002


25 January - 16 March 2002

Stefan Altenburger, Philippe Schwinger, Bohdan Stehlik, Beat Streuli, Frédéric Moser, Jörg Lenzlinger, Myk Henry, Emmanuelle Antille, Szuper Gallery
Curated by Simon Lamuniére Jerome Leuba

Exhibition view, Another Swiss version, 2002

Exhibition view, Another Swiss version, 2002

Simon Lamunière, chose several examples of current Swiss video art, with a view to discovering the points at which this no less fascinating than improbable limbo starts and stops. On crossing the threshold of the Museum Gallery, visitors find themselves projected into a waiting room that’s not much different from what one finds at airports and bus stations. The ability to distinguish between fiction and reality, and to find one’s way across that shifting and uncertain ford where the real lets off and invention begins: this divide is the narrow terrain on which this exhibition takes place: Another Swiss Version, dedicated to a series of recent video works from Switzerland.